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so i went to somerset with my booshie (mom) for like 4 hours. We spent like a million hours in Tiffanys because i was showing her the necklace and braclet that i am getting for my sweet sixteen<3 ebe im so excited. Anyhooo. Then we went to Saks and i saw this dress for $510 that i really want so i can wear it to my sweet sixteen. its so beautiful. Well there is alot of drama at st. clem this week. argh. People talking smack as usual. Well Agnes is driving me home today and then i am going over emilys and then we will go to dance and then the palladium. ebe i get to see my home girl fo real. lololol Then saturday me and agnes are gona go to the Strawberry Festival in Hamtramck. ebe im so excited this is going to be the first time ive ever been to hamtramck. well im outtt.
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