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heyyy shawty

ohh lol yesterday was pshyco pshyco. lol in el es panol class i was trying to learn poker and black jack weith Louie, Lauren M, Paul, Tommie, and Alex K lol and i didnt know what to do and i lost my dollar. lol who cares its just a dollar. Well Paul is like pick and card and if i guess what card you have you have to kiss Louie and Luioes like with tounge and then me and Lauren decided it should be on the cheek lol with no tounge Louie. lol So i was like aight hes not gonna guess it. So i picked my card and ut it back and then hes like was this your card and i was like omg i forgot what card i had. lol so we had to start oer this time n ew rules of cards so i pciked the card and this time i held onto it lol. And omg he guessed it. It was a sad moment for meeee. lol i didnt really want to kiss louie and then alex was like come on you did a zi-zak why cant you kiss him on the cheek its just like kissing your mom. so i was like whatever and i kissed him on the cheek lol. and then markie kissed me on the cheek lolol hes like awe its nothing. yah it was very weird. lol woooooooooooooooooooooow

So stu and nick are coming over saturday and its my highlight of the week because i am going to clean stu's smeely smelly car. lol its so dirrty. lol Then we are going to see a movie.

Ah i am most like going to the Good Charlotte concert because emilys new boyfriend his dad works at the palace and eebebebebebebe he invited her and shes gona ask if i can go cuz he has like a bajillion tickets. lololol ahhhh im exicted. This will be next friday. omg emily you are missing sooooo much dance you are goign to be baaaad. lol j.p. i love you booo

Oh yah because i came liek 20 minutes late to school unexcused they are making me wash tales. ew thats gross i think i am going to puke. thats so gross. people eat like friggen pigs at my school and i have to wipe up their nasty ass crumbs that they made. ewwww. how gross. So does Antonette and Paulina and i think the other Kolajs. ahh
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