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Go to Stephania's livejournal and see the cutest pictures of Me, Antonette, Agnes, and Shelly... aka the coolest people ever! lol


Thats her livejournal! lololol

So anyhooo i went to dinner the other night and it was at this new place by my house called the Country Oven and i ordered milk and the bus boy came and was like who ordered milk and i all happily said meeeee and i raised my hand and then i looked upp and almost peeheeeheheheed my pants because it was Eddie Scalici from my elementry school and junior high *HERITAGE* lol awe he looks cute. lol but it was so akwward he looked at me and was like waaaaoh lol and spilled the milk on my brothers place meat. lol i think he was suprised to seee me. lol i see him driving around in his car in my sub sometimes in his white car. lolololol

I love Vicki Nrecaj thanks for the cd! I listened to it all night oh yah thanks for really calling me back liar lol are you going to put me on hold for another 30 minutes lol

skit skit
lololol i know they say that in that song megan LOSER
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