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awe man

so it really sucks that i had to miss the last day of school ever. Because st. clem is CLOSING. it makes me really sad because im stupid and got in a fight and had to miss it. well. omg im gona cry.

best friends -- its not a label..
its a promise__________xO.o
hamtramck girls<3

Agnes.Antonette.Vicki.Shelley. Paulina.
i'll never meet any girls like you again. I love you so much thanks for all the good times and memories together. You guys are the coolest people i have ever met. Its sad that we got to spend one year together, but lets just say we had so much fun and so many memories and inside jokes. I love you all so much and i dont know what i would do without you all.

Today was my recital for Gotta Dance and emily spent the night friday. So we practiced all night. Swam in my pool for awhile and went hyper hyper. lol Well i was so nervous to go on stage but omg i hate people because someone didnt show up so in the end we do this thing we someone goes one way and the other person goes the opposite way well someone didnt show up and it screwed me up because it looked like i was doing it wrong because the person in front of me was going the same was as me and then i got out of my ending pose early. lol it was so boring 3 hours backsatge doing nothing me and em were so tired. lol and this weird girl in my dance came up to me and em and was like i like to blow dust of things. and i was like uh thats great. lol then we went home and my parents went out for their anniversery 17 years and me and em decided to wash my car at like 8 because it was so hott. so we did and got ina water fight lol white shirt ahahahaha lol and then emily and me were singing and making a scene and hiting eachother with towels and whipping them at eachother it was fun for awhile till i got soap in my eyes. ouch. lol then we went in and em was supposed to spend the night but her mom came and picked her up for idk what reason. well tomorrows dance recital is gona be fun everyone i know is gona be there like my sister from western ahhh im so happy. but the thing is i cant sleep for shit. and my recital is at like 11 and we have to be there at 10 and its 3 40 right now. omg
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