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helll ya lesbo

i loveee my lifeeeee

We got out sweet asss DEnali yesterday. hottt as helllllll

sweet 16 was the 10th hollerrrr lolol

vicki happy 15 on the 23rd. i love you to much for words to say. I love our talks on the phone EVERYDAY lolol

antonette i miss you so much i hope your summer is going swell. i know that i'll NEVER meet anybody like you. you are the sweetest girl i know. good luck in everything. hope to see you at my party.Hope you pass your drivers test.

Agnes i love you girl i will see you at my party and i willl seee you when we go to get your hair did. i love you girll.

shely i love you

Paulina i love you toooo

got my hair did blonde and it looks hot as helll. My nails are did acrylics and are highlighter pink lolool emily

emily i had fun in birmingham getting picked up a bajillion timmes by random guys. lol love you bff happy 17 on 10th of august. and then its double j ranch for a week cant wait

well im going to my cabin on higgins lake for a weeks so ill be gone i misss everybody. muahhh

i love you girls

stevenson next year helll yah!
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