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fuck yah

wow thats what i have to say.

party was hot as hell friday

me and fajki is wowow.

got a job at pennas yah yah

i am a junior a stevenson nowwww hellz yah

homecomign is soon


new celll
(586) 863-7976
holla at meeeeeee
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hey babee itsS vicKii lol i couldnt sign in cuz the computerss at my skool aree odd lol i miss youu soo much!!! skoolz definatlyy not the same without you dudeoOoo you work now so its hard to talk to you n i got homework n sleep cuz im a tiredd personn lol i seroiusly miss yuou alott n i lovveE youUU


lovE alwAYss n fOrEVerR
awee omg vicki nrecaj i love you so much you are my sunshine you bring me up when i am down you make me happy whenever i talk to you or hear your voice i love you so much and i never want thing between us to change because we are so close and i want it to stay that way forver and ever. i am going to have you as a BRIDESMAID in my wedding in new york to my albanian husbamd and we are all gona get preganet together you me netta lol omg i love you lol Louies gatorade and white trash and ZEZAK and and CP and Mr Coach Jose and omg lmao chinks and Margret and roget walk omg lmao these times are priceless i never want to forget you ever and i want you to know that i truly love you and i love you and i love youuuuuuuu. so are beautiful never let anyone tell you differently. muah. xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Love you forever and ever