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What a weekend . . .

Friday Agnes drove me home. I love her so much! Then i got ready and Emily picked me up. We went to Taco Bell and lol we went through the drive thru and omg we realized we didnt have straws so we parked and went in and then loserface stood in line to get a straw and i was like you dont have to stand in line she was like oh lol and we grabbed some straws and people were looking at us like we came in taco bell just to get straws and leave. lol i peeed my pants lol it was funny. Then we went to Rochester and picked up Richards Hockey skates. Then we went to Ems and chilled. Got ready for dance and got Richard and his freidns and dropped them off at Somerset on the way to dance. We took some hot ass pictures of us! hella yah! We went to dance got out coustumes. eww. They loook like jail parachute pants. I almost puked. ewww. anyhoo. I left my checkbook at emlilys house. Ergh. So i didnt pay my tuiton for dance. ebe.

Saturday omg omg i had the best weekedn ever! I went to Hamtramck for the first time in my life. Omg i had so much fun with Agnes and Shelly. We went to the St. Florian Strawberry Festival. It was so cool. lol I had so much time in Hamtramck. I swear i want to live there. There are so many cool people that live in Hamtramck. It sooo cool to me. I saw alot of people from The Clem. I saw *MARIO* and i talked to him a little. And then omg he almost kinda did got ina fighfight. Omg i was so scared. And then like a bagillion police officers came out of no where and like broke it up. ScaryScary. Then we went to Chrises house lol and we were harassing people from out the window lolol that was funny. "Pretend to be statues" lololol Then we went back to the festival. Ah it was crazy fun to me. Then i saw Louie and he kept smiling at me lol and was standing next to *MARIO* lol and he embarssed me and is like kathryn why dont you talk to *MARIO* more? I was like omg embarassed lol So i found out Louie is mean to me like Diana lol his little sister. We all smoked so muuuuuuch. It was funn.

Sunday! omg omg i was so bored and i was watching the pistions game in my pajamas and then nick called and was like are you at home? I was like uh yah you called me on my house phone dummy. The hes like im coming over with stu after the game is done. I was like omg i didnt even take a shower yet. argh! so i really qucik took a shower. got my hair did. got dressed. And was outside and then i went inside. Then he called me and are like were here. so i went outside
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