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"ohh myy gooooooooooooooooooooood!" lol emily

Why do people at this school keep hurting themselves? Omg like everyone is on crutches and broken this and sprained that. Omg just stop getting hurt. Its kinda scary. lol woooow

Anyhoo i have a camera and i am going to be taking picturessss! Yippe! lolol.

We just got done with mass. It was allright. It went by kinda fast with father Matthew. At least it wasnt Father Bondy! Ahhh. lololol

_My Lunch Buddies_

* A n t o n e t t e *
* A g n e s *
* V i c k i *
* S h e l l e y *
* L o u i e *
* M a r k i e *
* T o m m y *
* G r e g g *
* K a t h r y n *

^thats meee

I got some pictures that i am going to be adding to my Webshots. ebe i lovvve my webshots website!

well anyhoo. im outt
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