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wow D-R-A-M-A

so whoo on Saturday i saw my big sister Andrea and my big brother Anthony and we all went to eat at this place and it was really yummy. My Grandma came and so did my Uncle Del and My Aunt Gloria and my dad and my little brother Steven. Mym mom left us becasue my dad called her stupid. So omg how embarassing we had to explain it to everyone why she wans there. Well i had a Ceaser Salad. It was good. The because we wee=re in new Baltiomore because thats where my grandma stays we went to omg this really good homemade custard place. I hada choclate Ice Cream cone omg it was delicious. lol then my sister and brotyher decided to take us put put in Washington Township. They live at 23 and VanDyke in a beautiful sub. So we went to their house and Andrea gave me some shoes because i was wearing my STEVE (steve madden) shoes and they were really pointy and high. lol so i got these cute sandals she let me have omg i love my sister. The Anthony called his girlfriend Candice and said to meet us at the house, and she got lost lol. Funny. Well then Andrea drove us in out DENALI and then Anthony and Candy drove in our PROWLER. THen we went tot the Johnny Appleseed put put place. It was fun. Anyhooo We took forver lol i was really bad and so was Candy. It was her first time. omg lol and when candy went to hit the ball it went behind us and hit a girl lol i felt so bad me Ani and Candy were all hysterical it wa so much funnnn and then Anth and Candy ate some ice cream and then we left and we went back home and chilled.
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